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Welcome to the Thanet Safe website.

The purpose of Thanet Safe Ltd is to promote crime prevention and education measures within Thanet, in conjunction with local business, the Police, Thanet District Council and other community and voluntary agencies. This is to protect people and property and prevent criminal acts by the encouragement of greater public participation in the prevention of crime.
The aims of Thanet Safe are...
  • To provide instant communication to fellow traders
  • To reduce and deter criminality and anti-social behaviour
  • To reduce retail crime losses for scheme members
  • To make Thanet a safer place to live, work, shop and visit
  • To promote further communication between Police, Thanet District Council and local businesses
  • To enable members to apply for the new prestigious 'Safer Socialising Award' in the class of Gold, Silver and Bronze
Members of the public...

If you would like to know more, click here for information about Thanet Safe, who is involved, and when it was formed, or click here for information about the Exclusion Policy and how it's making Thanet a safer place to live, work and shop.
Traders and businesses...

If you run a business in Thanet but are not a member of Thanet Safe, please feel free to get in touch to find out more about the organisation. Our telephone number and other contact details can be found on the contact page.
Members of Thanet Safe...

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