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The Thanet Safe Exclusion Notice Scheme, which is supported by Kent Police, is operated to assist in the prevention of retail crime and anti-social behaviour.

The scheme works by utilising both the day and night-time business community as one voice, sending out a strong message to persistent thieves and troublemakers that they are known, and not welcome, in the Thanet area. This collective approach has proved to be a successful way of dealing with prolific offenders, by excluding them from members' shops, stores and businesses for a period of twelve months, whether or not an offence has been committed on their premises.

Another objective of the scheme is to reduce the fear of crime and harrassment, not only for the benefit of staff, but also customers and the general public, and subsequently encouraging greater economic investment in the area by promoting it as a safer place to invest and work.

The scheme is administered by Thanet Safe Ltd.
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