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Thanet Safe is a radio system set up to help prevent theft and anti-social behaviour within Thanet, whilst also promoting crime prevetion and education measures, and now has over 300 members across the area. Working in conjunction with local businesses, the Police, Thanet District Council, Thanet Safety Community Partnership and CCTV, it provides an invaluable back up resource to existing methods of criminal detection and prevention.

The first Thanet Safe (in Ramsgate) was set up in 1999, closely followed by Margate in 2000 and then Broadstairs in 2003, incorporating Westwood Cross. The radio system has been a resounding success in all the areas where it has been installed, and statistics have confirmed that once the scheme is up and running, there is a good reduction in anti-social behaviour, shoplifting, and other criminal activities.

In areas already covered by CCTV, monitored by the Thanet District Council control room, members of the scheme are linked to the TV operators, which has proved an excellent way of identifying and detecting offenders. All Thanet Safe radios are also linked to the local Kent Police officers, Community Wardens and the Police Support Officers.

Thanet Safe also operate an Exclusion Policy, which is issued to prolific offenders, banning them from entering members' premises. More information about this can be found by clicking here.

If you would like more information about Thanet Safe, then please get in touch using the details on our contact page.
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